Microdata for Joomla!

Your resource for semantic HTML markup, microdata and authorship for Joomla! ®

Joomla! is one of the leading Content Management Systems in the world, however the use of microdata to provide information to search engines about the content within the CMS is minimal.

Extension developers have yet to fully embrace microdata, which means that you are missing out!

We have developed a range of extensions and adapted popular template overrides so that you can take advantage of the power of semantic HTML markup without the hours of coding!

Template overrides

Need to introduce microdata to a Joomla! extension without hacking the core?  If the extension allows template overrides, we've probably already written a microdata-rich version!  You can buy individual overrides or 'bundles'.

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Microdata extensions

If you write your own template overrides our plugins can be purchased separately.  Ideal if you only need help with specific features.

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Subscription plans

Ideal if you want access to our template overrides and plugins, we have subscription plans from three months to lifetime membership - there's something for everybody!

Subscriptions also offer some perks which aren't available with individual purchases (such as asking us to add microdata to your own template), so it's well worth having a look to see what you might be missing!

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