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Leaving on a jet plane!

it's been a bit of a crazy few months at Microdata for Joomla, with several international events inviting our team to speak about Microdata and SEO during September and October, and a re-organisation of our company support and development teams.

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Freshdesk Helpdesk Support System

As part of our continuous effort to give you a better experience, we have just migrated our customer support processes to Freshdesk (www.freshdesk.com). We strive to take full advantage of the powerful capabilities and best-practices in Freshdesk, to give you a better support experience.

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Microdata Library

Microdata for Joomla! are proud to announce the launch of 'Microdata Library' - a plugin for Joomla! which has some pretty powerful features, including:

  • Markup which is independent of any specific system of microdata - meaning that you can implement your markup today, and if search engines start using a new schema or vocabulary set you don't have to go back and change your code - simply change which definition you are using

  • When an itemtype requires data in a specific format (for example, dates must be provided in ISO format) the plugin will automatically convert them for you, and add them in a meta tag - this means that your site visitor still sees the data in the way you want to show it, but search engines can see the data in the format they require

  • If an item property isn't supported by the system you have chosen, the markup will be hidden from the site visitor - this means that your site experience will not be affected if an item property is deprecated and you forget to remove it - it'll simply be ignored.

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I have just returned from JoomlaDagen 2013 - having attended several Joomla!Day events in the UK and helped to run the last two, it was lovely to be invited to speak at another country's Joomla!Day event.  What a wonderful weekend I have had!  Such a vibrant and inspiring event which was so well planned that it ran like clockwork, everybody knew where they needed to be, and the most important factors (coffee, beer and food!) were well catered for, even for pesky vegetarians like me!

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J and Beyond

We've just booked our travel for J and Beyond - without a doubt the best international event for the Joomla! community in Europe!  This year the event is being held in the Netherlands, so it will be our second trip to Holland following our visit to JoomlaDagen in April.

We hope to have our session proposal accepted, which will mean that we'll be spreading the microdata love even further!  Ruth hopes to speak on the topic of microdata and authorship, and will also be running an open session on Joomla! User Groups (sessions are subject to approval).

If you've never visited J and Beyond and are wondering what all the fuss is about, read more to watch a short video from the last event!

We look forward to seeing you there in 2013!

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We're excited to be represented at Joomla!Day Netherlands by Ruth Cheesley, who will be speaking on the topic of using Microdata in Joomla! websites to improve search engine optimisation.

Ruth will feature in the Sunday programme for JoomlaDagen, at 11.45am in the Byte Hall.

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