Microdata for Joomla!

Your resource for semantic HTML markup, microdata and authorship for Joomla! ®

We have added microdata to the core Joomla! component and module views which means that you can drop them straight into your /html folder in your template and start using microdata-rich templates.

Our overrides are based on the core views, and we update them whenever there is a change to these files.  For this reason, we do ask that you register to ensure we can update you if there are any important changes which you'll need to make to your files.

Joomla! 3.x

These files are based on the 3.1.x release.  The following components and modules are available (some do not require microdata as there are not currently any schemas appropriate to the views)

  • com_contact
  • com_content
  • com_finder
  • com_search
  • com_weblinks
  • mod_articles_archive
  • mod_articles_category
  • mod_articles_latest
  • mod_articles_news
  • mod_articles_popular
  • mod_breadcrumbs
  • mod_menu
  • mod_random_image
  • mod_related_items
  • mod_tags_popular
  • mod_tags_similar
  • mod_users_latest
  • mod_weblinks
  • mod_whosonline

Get access to the core Joomla! overrides

Joomla! 2.5.x

Coming soon!

Other versions

If you need overrides for version 1.5.x and below, you'll need to take out a subscription and ask us to make these for you specifically.  These versions are deprecated and we therefore do not provide overrides for core or 3rd Party extensions prior to Joomla! 2.5.x.