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Microdata for Joomla! has been a project in process since 2012, when the team at Virya Technologies started to become interested in the effects being seen when microdata was added to website markup - especially how prominently the resulting search engine results were displayed.

Having followed developments closely, the team have been implementing microdata into websites for some time, which has involved writing a lot of plugins and overrides to achieve the required results.  We decided to provide these on a separate website to Virya Software - our regular software sales site - to allow us to focus on the topic of microdata.

Meet the team

Ruth Cheesley

Ruth Cheesley - Joomla! Microdata & SEO SpecialistRuth became interested in microdata after exploring her profile on the Business to Business social network Ecademy (now SunZu) which was stuffed full of semantic markup.  Ruth was already involved in website design as she runs Virya Technologies and Virya Software, so she was keen to know about any ways that clients could gain better exposure in search results pages.

Ruth started to research more about this topic and became deeply interested in how search engines were beginning to interpret this extra data and change search engine results pages (SERPs) as a result.

She was surprised to find that the Joomla! project had not incorporated any form of semantic markup and many extension developers had never come across the concept either - so she started speaking at events, raising awareness of the importance that semantic markup will have for search engine optimisation.

You can find out more about Ruth on her website, or by following her on Social Media:

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