Microdata for Joomla!

Your resource for semantic HTML markup, microdata and authorship for Joomla! ®

While you can do a lot with template overrides, there comes a point where code needs to be changed or inserted to add microdata and semantic markup - that's where our extensions come in.

We are adding to the extensions we offer on a regular basis, so do make sure you join our mailing list and follow us on social media!

Microdata Library


Allows adding of system-independent microdata to content, including conversion of information to the required format (e.g. dates)

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Opengraph SEO Plugin


Adds OpenGraph metadata to the head of the document

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Social Interactions Plugin


Shows how many social shares a page has, even without social sharing buttons.

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Google+ Authorship Plugin


Links users in Joomla! with their Google+ Profile

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