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Template overrides allow you to change the way that an extension is viewed in the 'front end' of your website, without making changes to the core code behind the extension.

This means, of course, that you can update the extension and not lose any changes you have made.

Template overrides are the ideal way to introduce microdata if an extension developer has not yet introduced it themselves, or isn't doing it well enough for your requirements.  We've taken several extensions we use day in, day out and stuffed their default template overrides full of microdata.

If you only want to override the core Joomla! extensions, you can download these for free below.  

Download core Joomla! template overrides

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Otherwise, choose your extension below, and click buy now to access to that particuar override.


K2 Overrides

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Default K2 component and module overrides with Microdata

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JoomShopping Overrides


Default JoomShopping 3.x template overrides with Microdata

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Easyblog Overrides

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Easyblog template overrides with Microdata

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